Wednesday 7th July: Kiln Formed Glass and Glass Enamelling Course with Sean Campbell and Mary Mackey

Light, Colour, Action:
Abstraction and Surface in Glass

Trainers: Sean Campbell & Mary Mackey

Dates: Wed 7, Thurs 8 & Fri 9 July 2010
Time: 9.15 – 4.30 pm (lunch 30 min)

Participant level: No experience necessary
Venue: National Sculpture Factory
No. of participants: 10 (max)
Cost: €230 (materials included)

This three-day workshop will focus on work¬ing with glass as a blank canvas using a com¬bination of techniques involving painting and fusing. Participants will make a series of sketchbook pieces developing different tech¬niques of mark-making and applying colour to glass.
Sean Campbell will investigate ways of work¬ing with Bullseye Glass Co. frit, powders and sheet. Sean will also cover the basic technical aspects of kiln formed glass including anneal¬ing, releases etc to help ensure your work sur¬vives the 800°C journey in one piece. Mary Mackey will be using enamels and pigments on float and antique clear glass, experiment¬ing with different ways of applying paint to the glass, working back into the surface with sandblasting and simple engraving in a playful engagement with traditional techniques.
This workshop will explore a number of dif¬ferent techniques and ways of working with glass. These include sandblasting, where a de¬sign is masked out on the glass, which is then blasted with fine sand in a special machine. We will use colour on glass, enamels painted on glass, and coloured powders to make a pattern on the glass, which is then fired in the kiln. We will also use Lazertran, this is a spe¬cial transparency that is used in a photocopier to copy an image from your design.
The workshop will use clear glass that has been pre-cut in order to avoid any glass need¬ing to be cut during the workshop.

The workshops will take place in the NSF, Albert Road, Cork.
As places are limited, booking is on a first-come first-serve basis – To book/ pay for a place contact:
Elma O’Donovan, Administrator/Artists’ Liaison, National Sculpture Factory @ + 353 (0)21 4314353 or email:
A 10% reduction applies when more than one workshop is booked.
Payments are non-refundable within 14 days prior to the workshop and a 20% administration charge will