Irish Wave: Legacy Shanghai

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Irish Wave: Exhibitions in China 2013

During the Irish Festival, Beijing & Shanghai March 2013
Sponsored by Culture Ireland, Dublin City Council, Cork City Council, Embassy of Ireland, CIT Crawford College of Art & Design National Sculpture Factory and the Irish Centre Shanghai
IRISH WAVE 2013 aims to enable Beijingers and Shanghainese to gain insight into contemporary Irish culture, to portray the diversity and global aspect of ‘Irishness’ and how we can collaborate creatively with one another. In 2013 we are holding a series of collaborative exhibitions in prominent and prestigious venues which are accessible to a wide and diverse section of the Beijing and Shanghai community. The exhibitions will be curated by a team of Irish artist/curators: Fion Gunn, Gail Ritchie, Sean Campbell, Debbie Dawson Pamela Hardesty and Niamh Cunningham in collaboration with Chinese artist/curators: Zheng Xuewu, Lin Lecheng, Zhuang Xiaowei and Wu Jun.
IRISH WAVE 2013 will feature a major exhibition ‘Legacy’ involving Crawford College of Art & Design, CIT Cork, the National College of Art & Design and Research Institute of Art (RIAD), Belfast University collaborating with Tsinghua Academy of Art & Design, Beijing and Shanghai University. This exhibition – ‘Legacy’ will open in Beijing, travel to Shanghai and subsequently come to Ireland to be hosted by venues provided by the participating institutions on both sides of the border.
‘A Tale of Two Cities’ and will be hosted by the stunning NuoArt Gallery in 798, Beijing. The gallery, which has an international reputation, will host an exceptional Preview event featuring performances by Irish & Chinese artists, musicians and composers.
A second high profile Beijing exhibition ‘Walls & Borders’ is planned to celebrate the ongoing twinning between Belfast and Hefei. Co-curated by Gail Ritchie & Fion Gunn and featuring prominent artists from Northern Ireland and the Republic. This exhibition is supported by the Queens Studios Belfast and Research Institute of Art & Design, University of Ulster, bringing two important elements of the Belfast art scene together in an inclusive celebration of Irish art.
There will be 3 collaborative exhibitions held in Shanghai, focussing on the deepening links between Cork and Shanghai. 2 of these will be held in the well-known TuShanWan Museum of Art:
‘ReMade’ which explores ideas of transformation in all media and ‘Gather’ (curated by Sean Campbell & Debbie Dawson) which focusses on glass art and will be discreet but aesthetically linked show providing visitors with impressive insights into Irish textile and glass art. Many artists included in these exhibitions have links to the National Sculpture Factory as well as CIT.
The remaining exhibition Baby, Baby will be held at the Irish Centre Shanghai which is a flagship for Irish Culture in the city and a number of events encompassing performance and music are planned for the Preview event.

Exhibition: ‘A Tale of Two Cities – Dublin/Beijing’ 12-24 March 2013
Director: Ms Zheng
NuoArt Gallery Preview 12 March 14.00-16.00
B07,706 North First Street ,
798 Art District, No.2 Jiuxianqiao road,
Beijing, China 100015
Tel: + 86 139 1020 7070
Exhibition: ‘Legacy’ 13-25 March 2013
AC Embassy Hotel Preview 13 March 16.00-18.00
No.26 Dongzhimenwai Street,
Chaoyang District,
Beijing 1000027
Exhibition: ‘Walls & Borders’ 14 – 26 March 2013
Director: Jiang Tao
Ku Art Gallery Preview 14 March 16.00-18.00
No 2 Jiuxianqiao Road,
Chaoyang District
Beijing 100102
Tel: +86 10 8478 6155
Exhibition: ‘Ireland in View’ 15-23 March 2013
Director: Ms You Yanzi
Yan Chao Collection (YCC) Preview 15 March 14.00-16.00
21F Lianri International,
No. 18,LiangJiaYuan South
Chaoyang District, Beijing 100022
Contact: You Yanzi (owner/director)
Tel: +86 139 1110 8126