Irish Wave 2014 Press Release

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Artist: Sean Campbell
IRISH WAVE 2014 is a series of multi-media art exhibition with a difference: it is also an extraordinary collaboration between 40 Irish and 24 Chinese artists whose interpretation of the themes have an underlying aesthetic convergence. Held during the Irish Festival in Shanghai, sponsored by Culture Ireland and the Crawford College of Art & Design – CIT, the exhibitions will be formally opened by Irish Ambassador Paul Kavanagh, Austin Gormley, Irish Consul General and Minister Brendan Howlin.

The aim of the exhibitions is to create a dynamic visual conversation between the artworks themselves as well as with the viewers. The participating artists use materials ranging from glass, textile, ceramic, painting, drawing, collage and digital works encouraging an open-minded approach to different media and greater awareness of international trends.

Curators Fion Gunn, Niamh Cunningham, Sean Campbell and Ma Yanling have curated the exhibitions with a practitioner’s eye and share wide ranging interests in different media and techniques of making art. The curatorial team is committed to creating dynamic visual conversations and imaginative juxtapositions of diverse artworks. The resulting exhibitions are intimate and often surprising and will engage and fascinate the visiting public.

Curating an exhibition which is so visually diverse and complex is a way of highlighting each artist’s uniqueness, of showcasing their skills in a way which keeps the audience on its toes emotionally and intellectually and which challenges preconceptions. Gunn, Cunningham, Campbell & Ma have a passion for engagement and democratisation of the arts, their curatorial approach is responsive, collective, and permeated with the authorial voices of all the artists demonstrating the IRISH WAVE motto - ‘unity through diversity’.


Scott Benefield

Róisín de Búitléar

Sean Campbell

Pam Carroll

Majella Clancy

Niamh Cunningham

Deirdre Cullen

Tina Darby

Debbie Dawson

Karen Donnellan

Sinead Fagan

Karen Fleming

Seamus Fogarty

Karl Grimes

Fion Gunn

Pamela Hardesty

Helle Helsner

Annette Hennessey

Patty Hudak

Raine Hozier Byrne

Rob Ireson

Brendan Jamison

Sandy Kennedy

Frances Leach

Maeve Lynch

Mary Mackey

Audrey Mullins

Martina O’Brien

Thomas Penc

Michael Ray

Mark Revels

Caroline Schofield

Aoife May Soden

Helen Steele

Lesley Stothers

Pamela Topping

Louise Wallace

Deirdre Walsh

Sara Wilson