Artist Statement

Sean Campbell

All Persons Fictitious Disclaimer

As an artist I work with the elements of colour, texture, line and form. I paint, print, sculpt and animate. The work is left open to interpretation and interaction. I encourage you to spend time with it. To ignite your imagination and develop the story I have begun from your own bank of memories and experience.



• noun a soldier or guard whose job is to stand and keep watch.
• verb (sentinelled, sentinelling; US sentineled, sentineling)
station a sentinel to keep watch over.

Acting as a sentinel without prejudice to the modern era and issues of political, social, cultural and environmental significance. The sentinels will both observe and be observed.
The Sentinels sit at the core of my work as an artist. Physically based on standing stones and grave stones. Metaphorical representation of a geological, human and individual time span. Stone has metamorphosed into glass, the age of silicone chips and solar panels, information piled upon information. Yet a skin is forming around the Sentinels. Protection? Enhancement? Futility? Now perhaps more than ever in times of fundamental change we require a positive catalyst for growth. A solid foundation to allow fresh creative ideas to bubble to the surface in an increasingly complex and challenging world. The Sentinels observe without comment. Shared vulnerabilities, fears and concerns but also strengths, hopes and ideas.

Artist Short Biog

Sean Campbell received an M.A. from the University of Ulster and trained in Visual Art in Ireland, Scotland, New Zealand and the United States. In 2011 Campbell won the Robinson McIlwaine Architects Original Vision Prize at the RUA 130th Annual Exhibition for Sentinel (Belfast, Lego) and the Sculpture in Context Award for Sentinel (Botanic) in 2007. In 2010 Campbell was selected as finalist for the third time in the international art competition E-merge in Portland, Oregon, USA. His work is held in private collections worldwide and public collections including National Museum of Ireland, Collins Barracks, (Dublin), Office of Public Works (Ireland), Dublin Sheriff’s Office, (Ireland) Shanghai Science Library (China) Gangtai Art Museum of Shanghai, (China) Irish Embassy Beijing (China), Irish Consulate Shanghai (China) and Northlands Creative Glass Permanent Collection, (Scotland). Recent exhibitions include a solo exhibitions at the Waterfront Hall, (Belfast, N.Ireland) and Christ Church Cathedral, (Dublin) and selected exhibitions including Art Shanghai 2013 (China) New Glass Art, Shanghai Moller Villa (China), Art Shanghai 2012 (China), New Living Art, Irish Museum of Contemporary Art, Dublin (2010) and RUA 130th Annual Exhibition at the Ulster Museum, Belfast, N.Ireland. Major public artworks include “Between the known and the Unknown” N 15 By Pass, a Joint Public art Commission with Elizabeth Caffrey. “Arc” Integrated Public Art, Bayview Resource Centre, Bangor and “Passage of Time” Ballymena Museum and Civic Centre.